Nicholaston House Day 1

Well we have arrived and had our first day. Actually we arrived last night at 5 just in time for a chapel time with the managers Owen and Anne Marvelly and some staff and volunteers. The message brought by David and Jane two prayer minister volunteers who spent time with us years ago was of adoption and sonship with the great I AM who I AM. Knowing who we are in Christ, such a vital thing. But knowing God even more so despite knowing that He is also a mystery. 

The day’s work reminded me of Hadrians Task. I had to reconfigure how a cupboard of chairs, tables and books was packed. Seems like I kept moving stacks of chairs in and out. I was pleased with the outcome however. Lunch was a lovely leek and potato soup and excellent conversation with the myriad of volunteers. The afternoon was spent reorganising the vast amounts of art and crafts materials in the art and crafts room and in conversation with Sylvia, a lovely lady I had met a couple of years ago on a painting break. 

Dinner was beef pie with mash and veg followed by a rather large helping of amaretto laced cheesecake. And I am supposed to be losing 2 stone over the two months!

We are so blessed to have this opportunity to serve in a Christian community bringing love and healing to those in need. And on such a beautiful location too!

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