#075 – Psalm 23 – Thy Rod & Staff

#075 - Psalm 23 - Thy Rod & Staff

#075 – Psalm 23 – Thy Rod & Staff

May 2020
The second of a series inspired by verses in the bible. The picture of Jesus as a shepherd is wonderful. In Luke 15 the parable of the lost sheep portrays a God who will not give up on us. I have always loved Psalm 23 for the assurance of God’s rod and staff. Here I contrast the darkness of being close to the edge with a valley that though seemingly light will be the valley of the shadow of death should one fall. But with Jesus we need fear no evil. This is painted on a more expensive linen canvas with a quality frame.
70 x 50 x 1.5 cm
Media: Acrylic
Surface: Linen Canvas
Price: NFS

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