#085 – St Mary’s Lighthouse 1 SOLD

#085 - St Mary’s Lighthouse 1 SOLD

#085 – St Mary’s Lighthouse 1 SOLD

My first pen & ink & watercolour wash painting. I spent a lot of time here as a child. This is inspired by a photograph found on the web.
October 2021
20 x 15 cm
Media: Pen & Ink Watercolour
Surface: 300g/m² Watercolour Paper
Price: SOLD

One thought on “#085 – St Mary’s Lighthouse 1 SOLD

  1. This painting gives a sense of great distance in the background. To see a long way without detail is refreshing. Room to breathe in it. (The horizon seems afar off–it says there is no rush to get there. Take your time and rest on one of the rocks below the Lighthouse until you’re ready to move on–out beyond the Lighthouse.

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