Day 35 – Home again

After the seaweed bath we drove on to Rosslare and the ferry, but first stopped at the ‘Last pub in Ireland’ to have some supper and one last Guinness. At the ferry terminal we were told to queue in line 20. Colin duly drove into this ’empty’ line gazing at the lines of motorhomes in lines 17 and 18. We parked round the bend under the covered line assuming it to be the place to be as there were vans there. However, as vehicles got on the ferry and we were not called Kathy got concerned that the vans all had French number plates. In the end Colin got out and checked with the guy directing traffic. Turned out we’d drove too far round and were in the French ferry line. We nearly missed the Pembroke Dock boat! Phew.

Once on the ferry we settled for the journey of 4 hours with just a bit of rocking and rolling. At Pembroke we drove off and after a few miles parked up at a laybe on a road off the main road next to a river and settled down to sleep before driving home. Torrential rain during the night did not lead to yet another flood adventure and we woke to a nice view looking over a tidal river near Cosheston.
xlast night

We drove on from Wales stopping for a lovely full breakfast at the last roadside cafe before the M4 (recommended). We had noticed the roads were so much smoother and wider than Ireland, driving a motorhome was much quieter but less exciting. The air also seemed dirtier though. Once in England we stopped off in Bristol to drop off a present, driving through Bristol’s St Paul area was a trial the rounds are so narrow and parked up with cars both sides. At last we arrived home around 5pm. The house was lovely and tidy, thanks Julian.

What an adventure! Thank you God for all your protection and blessings.

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